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A.D. Skylights Inc. uses only top quality acrylic sheets. High molecular weight plastics can sufficiently extend skylight performance. Our skylights are designed and manufactured according to AAMA 1601.1 recommendations for thickness of plastic domes and aluminum framing to maintain proper loading. Please remember that all skylights regardless of model and glazing are not designed to carry the weight of a person. Our Skylights are equipped with integral condensate gutters, concealed fastener system.Gasketing materials shall be neoprene type 50 to 60 durometer. At no point shall glazing come in contact with aluminum framing. Sealants used in skylight construction shall be a one part primerless glazing sealant.




All A.D. Skylights Inc. units have a three year limited warranty to the purchaser against defects in material or workmanship in the production process, provided that the products are installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation. This Warranty will be void if the purchaser makes any alteration to the structure or finish of the skylight or if the product shows signs of intentional abuse. Liability of A.D. Skylights Inc. under this warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price.


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