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We are a Chicago based manufacturer of standard and custom skylights providing direct sales to professionals and homeowners alike since 1990. We also provide our customers with prefabricated roof curbs.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the most attractive and best performing custom skylights available in the Midwest.


A.D. Skylights Inc. production of plastic skylights includes curb mounted or self-flashing units up to approximately 9 x 10 feet. Skylight framing is available as a thermally broken system equipped with integral condensation gutters. All our plastic skylights are fabricated with single, double, or even triple domes made out of high quality acrylic. We have completed Third-party testing for curb mounted Triple and Double domes providing U-values of 0.37 and 0.42 Btu/hr*ft^2*F, respectively. All our framing systems can work with plastic or glass glazing. Our flat glass skylights are glazed with insulating laminated glass with available low “E” emissivity coating and argon filling. Lastly, a full line of replacement domes and structural types of skylights are available.

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